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website is  http://www.bianys-newburgh.org/

Best movie ever!  Shelter Me

Aiming to boost the adoption of shelter pets, this uplifting documentary focuses on the success stories, including dogs trained as service animals for the disabled and others who are helping returning war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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I am Lucy's Dad.

  I trained my dog Lucy to become an AKC Certified therapy dog. I'm a volunteer at the Castle Point and Montrose VA Hospitals, and we go around visiting the patients. It is a lot of fun watching the patients brighten up when Lucy walks into their room. We are working with the returning combat Veterans with TBI / PTSD. The Veteran will work with their local animal shelters and train a dog at their own local center. At the end, the dog will be AKC certified to go to hospitals or nursing homes. There will be no fund-raising, fanfare, marketing or any other type of activities that will interfere with the confidentiality of the Veteran. The expense will be burdened by the Veteran, and we need to keep it minimal. Maybe people are willing to donate some of their time in doing this. It is a great experience what I'm doing with Lucy and I feel this experience will also help a Veteran. Please forward this website misslucy.org to any returning combat Veteran. They may know a Veteran that could use the help. This is strictly a civilian project.
For more information, please contact me at:
Joe DeJong
 845 787 3960

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